The Top 5 Rules of Personal Branding

Personal branding is the marketing art of promoting yourself. It’s basically a CV of all your professional skills, achievements, and background, that will help you reach more customers. The reason why personal branding is so charming and successful is that it turns you from a faceless suit into a real human being that others can relate to.

But good personal branding is difficult, and follows a strict set of rules, some of which I’ll be sharing with you below.

1. Find a balance between professional and personal.

Yes, in many ways, personal branding is about your career, and so you should take on a highly professional aspect. Good personal branding will use all of your professional skills and experience to your advantage, in order to prove that you are the best person for a job, both to your customers, and to your potential employers.

But good personal branding, in my opinion, should also include some personal aspects, like hobbies, or interests. Remember, the reason personal branding works is that it allows your followers to connect with you, as another human being. So often, posting a business update and a cute snap of your dog can be the perfect blend of professionalism and personal, endearing information.

2. Set a goal.

One of the biggest issues we see in personal branding is that a lot of these entrepreneurs are unfocused, when it comes to their personal brand. When you don’t know how you want to come across, chances are your followers won’t, either. And so, instead of helping them to get to know you better, your personal branding efforts will only confuse them.

So, take the time to decide on the image you want to project to your followers, and be consistent.

3. But be yourself.

Another interesting issue we see is lack of genuine interaction. Far too often, people try to promote themselves by copying captions or posting tactics from competitors. But usually, that works against you. People want to know you, not some empty marketing strategy, and usually, they know the difference between one and the other.

So, keep your content relevant and engaging.

4. Support and encouragement often go a long way.

Ever heard the phrase “lead by example”? That’s what you want to do with your personal brand. As an entrepreneur, remember that a lot of people, in varying business sectors, will look to you for encouragement, a success story, tips, and so on. So be prepared to offer these. By having a positive impact, you’re often guaranteeing loyal followers, so you’re actually helping yourself.

5. If at first you don’t succeed…

Personal branding can often be a sensitive topic for many. After all, you’re promoting yourself, and if people don’t like it, does that mean they don’t like you? Not really. First, remember that failure is natural, and usually, when your followers react poorly, they’re reacting to your marketing strategy, promoting style, or so many other aspects. So, improve, adapt, overcome.

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